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Lets Make the Streets our Public TimeLine

June 15, 2010 7 comments

I demand internet first and then lets have laws for it.

To make this post very short, activists, bloggers and people with common sense, are fighting against the passing of this law…

I  mean, it will be a cold day in hell, when i would need a damn permit to set up one of my many “virtual” spaces. As far as I know, Lebanon is not Syria, KSA or China…

To be a bit fair towards our dear government, I know they are a bit short on cash… I mean this might be one way to get them pockets full, or maybe it is not about the money, it is about the “monitoring” power; But on what basis ?

So, Dear Lebanese government, please start by providing decent internet (ping Emile Emile Lahoud jr), I mean how much bandwidth you need for your youtube, MSN and Miniclip? 

Bottom line, I would urge all of us out there to mobilize this campaign, and to take it out of the “virtual” space… I’m sure very few of those 128 cabinet members are following us on twitter (#stopthislaw), though to be honest Bachir Gmayel is indeed following me (#justsaying).


PS: to check  how good our connection is make sure you “read” Nadine Mouawad post

PPS: The ESSA law and VOIP law are two different laws, the latter is an already passed law, but not yet applied, and it prohibits “phone fraud”   (It doesn’t influence, Skype, Gtalk or  Yahoo).

However if the ESSA is to be passed, we will no longer have our freedom online, and we will be subject to arrests and violations of our “GOD GIVEN INTERNET RIGHTS”.

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