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Shuffle My Mood

June 28, 2010 6 comments

I love those moments, you know those  moments just before you wake up, where you kind of remember or forget everything… I always want to forget evrything, kind of wake up in the parallel world, smile and then go back to that red room and those birds (I hate them).

Well today started with me forgetting everything for those couple of moments, I can’t really remember if I smiled or no, but I’m sure I was in the parallel world.  My mood was in the “undefined” state, and what usually happens, with most of us, is we choose our music depending on  the mood, and we either dwell some more , go crazy, be happy or it is just a mission failed, and you throw that Ipod away.

However today, I decided that I want the music to determine my mood… and God that was a smart move.

Went into my car, put my music on shuffle and just drove, and here is what happened:

  • 2 random people smiled at me while i was leaving the building
  • It was 8:25 am, and I didn’t get caught in traffic (Go Figure!!)
  • and to make it even more beautiful, the music, my God the music was awesome !! I mean, it kicked of with Fayrouz (the rare songs), then Aziza Zadeh, back to Fayrouz and finally my sweet lady Ella… Can’t get any better.

One’s favorite moment of the day usually varies depending on what is suitable for the past days or past moods… but as far as I can remember those moments before I wake up are the most beautiful ones… the only time of the day where I really don’t want any relation what so ever with my memories or plans.

Music by ~Albiona

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Close those eyes, close them hard

May 3, 2010 1 comment

My happy place is a very weird excentric place, with really really weird music… I can’t identify it, and i can’t replicate the journey every time (I am talking about the “happy place” that we go to when it is you or everyone around you).

I can’t really relate to the need of going to my happy place, but I know that this music is loud and clear in my head, and you know what they say, you better follow that sound (or was it that light??).

Ok, so let me explain what is with the hormonal rage… Today is my first day at a new job. I can’t really identify my feelings or my thoughts, i must say im in a pending state kind of…

We all did it, the “new beginnings”, “fold that paper”, “start over”, etc.

All I can think about is that, they are loud, and i hate the new keyboard…

I know it is not the ordinary “To new beginnings” post, but that is the way im feeling… Maybe I just need sometime…

But you know what, if companies treated their employess good, we won’t leave. I mean working hours are there for a reason, same goes for Evaluation system hence bonuses, promotion and even demotion… and you know what is pissing me even more, is that i spent 2 years learning all the shortcuts and the tricks to avoid traffic to and from my old work (it really takes effort and planing).

Oh well, here’s to new beginnings. (Food is here)