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Football Assassination

July 3, 2010 8 comments

Yesterday, July 2nd Brazil played against Holland in the 2010 worldcup quarter final. Today July 3rd, Germany played against Argentina.
Brazil and Argentina lost. However that is not the big deal or the shocking factor. What shocked me and left me with a huge sarcastic sad smile on my face, was the fact that the mobile coverage in Beirut was down.
As if the assassination days are back… No one was able to call, receive or sms. Even our sorry ass wap  connection was down.
I mean Brazil and Argentina lost big boohoo, but of course we as brazilian by origin and blood we will be bombarded with condolences calls or with mockery calls by our German or Holland originated friends. It is not enough that the network coverage sucks already… Noo, we need half of the lebanese people calling the other half, to really test the strength and the infra super structure of both Alfa and MTC.
I still can’t believe that I wasn’t able to make a phone call after Brazil lost?? Am I obliged to endure the 30 to 45 min mourning period?? And the messages I was getting on my phone were hilarious: congestion- no network coverage and the famous call failed.

To the lebanese football fans AKA official representatives of Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Italy (hahaha), France (hahahahahahahahaha)  take it easy.

To our dear (not) GSM providers, Alfa and MTC you SUCK.