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Not as Lebanese as …

May 18, 2010 4 comments

It just hit me; being a law abiding, hard working, socially active person doesn’t make me as Lebanese as my 12 years old brother or my dead grandfather (may he Rest in Peace).

Alright then, how about WE (the “Not As Lebanese As…”) do something about it, and no we are not going to sign a petition, or call Kalam el Nass. How about shape our Lebanese rights and duties to how Lebanese we are.

Since legally a man is more Lebanese than I am, it is only fair for him to :

  • Pay more taxes  than I do
  • Pay more for the fuel tank than I do
  • Get paid more than I do (Oh wait, that is already happening but i assure you not because he is better than me)
  • Be held more responsible than I am

In the end that is what being a Lebanese apparently is all about.

My 12 years old brother is more Lebanese than me,  because one day if he decides to marry a less  Lebanese woman or a non Lebanese woman his kids would be Lebanese (or Less Lebanese than he is) .

But picture the injustice, if a less Lebanese citizen like myself, decided to marry a non Lebanese i don’t have the luxury to pass them my ‘Lebanese” nationality…

Samira Soueidan a woman who lost today in the Lebanese court, will not pass her nationality to her kids. We can’t blame the judiciary system, because as far as they are concerned they are following the law. The old rusty (أكل الدهر عليه وشرب) french- a la libanaise law, that is full of ambiguity, injustice and apparently resistant to time, change and maybe the ozone hole.

This law is our concern, and we should change it; Oh! but we can’t, I mean it is not up to me or you. It is up to  a special group of 128 people with very special powers, hidden talent and incredible cleverness  can (yes that was sarcasm).

However they are busy!!! yep, they are playing elections, corruption (most of them), Monopoly, mortal kombat or pac man (for the challenged ones :P). They can change the law, they can make me as Lebanese as my brother or as my dead grandfather… But till that day تلعبو بالكبه والأربعة (in what means, fcuk off, and go die)