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is it an “Evil Eye” ?

April 12, 2010 1 comment

Never to observe in order to observe! That gives a false perspective, leads to squinting and something forced and exaggerated. Experience as the wish to experience does not succeed. One must not eye oneself while having an experience; else the eye becomes “an evil eye.”
[from the Twilight of Idols/Nietzsche.]

When i asked my self why i want to start blogging , the answer was , and i quote “it is going be about the worst of what we have and the best in what we are missing” ; as well as having this deep down conviction that im going to change the world [at least my world] …

What about what we have ?? What about the worst of it ? and the best in it ? are we willing to put in the effort and make the long due transition ??
I believe that this is where i stop observing just in order to observe, more than 60 active bloggers , stopped observing in order to observe long time ago , and i owe this post to some of them .

In order not to have a false perspective , the first coming post should be about facts …Of what we have , what we are missing , and what we gave away, or was taken from us … and then we move on to the experience, the analysis , the criticism and the results …

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