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What a historical event

May 16, 2010 4 comments

I really don’t get it!! Maybe it is just me, but how come a visit to the north which is as far as I know is a part of Lebanon, and also as far as I know it contains christian maronites in big numbers, is a hystorical event!?! So then when my father visit us every weekend in Beyrut because he lives in Akkar is as hystorical as this one.

I am from akkar and I know for a fact we are not Jounieh or Ashrafieh, it is a underdeveloped area. People mainly live of their agriculture… So we can say it is a fairly poor area, maybe not good enough for his holiness.
Some might say it is because of the syrian domination of Akkar that he didn’t previously visit it, he was afraid for his life, as if the lives of his church member is not as equal…
Well that is not acceptable… It is not acceptable how the main stream media is covering this event, a historical visit, historical indeed, because only history will show and reveal the irony, the injustice and the lies.
I am from akkar, and I’m not happy he is here after all those years, I am from Akkar and I despise this superiority of his and of everyone like him.

Again maybe it is just me, or me and some fool people like me, but I’m not ok with this, Akkar is not in Palestine, because if it was then ill be damned if it wasn’t called the visit of the century, but Akkar is 70 min by car away from Diman.
He is the patriarch of Antioch and Levant, not the patriarch of Jounieh and Ashrafieh.

Thank you, and ‘God’ bless
Ps: if ‘God’ were to visit us, I would be fine with calling it hystorical, but again it is just me.

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