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Do it all, in Lebanese Movie Theaters

April 26, 2010 10 comments

So, your sick of watching your piled up DVDs (I know I was today), so after a nice dinner, the normal suggestion comes up… How About a movie ?? (NB: next time my answer is NO).

However this time my answer was yes, I had a small urge in me to cry and i heard that “Remember Me” can make you cry, So “Remember Me” it was…

Location : ABC, Ashrafieh, Cinema 6, 10.30 p.m.

… The movie starts, people are silent, I’m happy and I really want to cry (you know the “get it out of your system” method).

The End.( Ya!! sure!)

… I wish, all hell break loose, the girl behind me suddenly misses her boyfriend and she calls him (phone sex i guess). Another one, i guess she had with her home made sandwiches, every 2 minutes she undergoes a whole process of Search and Rescue; grabbing her bag ( travel bag ), grabbing another bag, taking out the cucumbers, opening the sandwish and eating… she was pretty hungry i guess.

a bit behind me, you know in the famous “Just do it” seats, it was mating season well aka dry humping… next to them were the cute 13 years old who cam to see the movie hoping that it is just another Twilight (#fail) thingy.  Oh and the cherry on my sundae was : a moron sitting behind me screaming out loud HOW THE MOVIE ENDS ( though i don’t personally mind knowing) but this time he really ruined it on me (the tears that is) and i was angry… and my ears were in pain.

The agonizing 2 hours goes by, and the special Lebanese “cute” moves come to sweep me of my feets, they started clapping 🙂 SERIOUSLY!!! But of course, we are in the Avant Premiere and Robert Pattinson is waiting for the crowd to salute him.

You can do it all in the Lebanese Movie Theaters ( except putting your feet on the chair ), you can eat, cook, talk, have phone sex, hump, be a moron, be a macho (if someone tells you to shut up or keep it down a bit)… you can be everything you want, except a respectful person to whom around you.

I’m home now, looking at my DVD collection with all the love in the world.

The End.

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