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The masses and Italy

July 5, 2010 1 comment

I really couldn’t fight the urge to post this blog, I mean I postponed it till today instead of Saturday (when first @trellalb emailed me the photos).

let’s start with the photos :

Photos provided by @trellalb

Photos provided by @trellalb

And now to move on to the words, I would like to say what my late math teacher used to tell us :

لو كان الهبل بوجع … كانت العالم مشلوحة بالمستشفيات *

* If being stupid hurt, people would be laying in hospitals

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Football Assassination

July 3, 2010 8 comments

Yesterday, July 2nd Brazil played against Holland in the 2010 worldcup quarter final. Today July 3rd, Germany played against Argentina.
Brazil and Argentina lost. However that is not the big deal or the shocking factor. What shocked me and left me with a huge sarcastic sad smile on my face, was the fact that the mobile coverage in Beirut was down.
As if the assassination days are back… No one was able to call, receive or sms. Even our sorry ass wap  connection was down.
I mean Brazil and Argentina lost big boohoo, but of course we as brazilian by origin and blood we will be bombarded with condolences calls or with mockery calls by our German or Holland originated friends. It is not enough that the network coverage sucks already… Noo, we need half of the lebanese people calling the other half, to really test the strength and the infra super structure of both Alfa and MTC.
I still can’t believe that I wasn’t able to make a phone call after Brazil lost?? Am I obliged to endure the 30 to 45 min mourning period?? And the messages I was getting on my phone were hilarious: congestion- no network coverage and the famous call failed.

To the lebanese football fans AKA official representatives of Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Italy (hahaha), France (hahahahahahahahaha)  take it easy.

To our dear (not) GSM providers, Alfa and MTC you SUCK.

Shuffle My Mood

June 28, 2010 6 comments

I love those moments, you know those  moments just before you wake up, where you kind of remember or forget everything… I always want to forget evrything, kind of wake up in the parallel world, smile and then go back to that red room and those birds (I hate them).

Well today started with me forgetting everything for those couple of moments, I can’t really remember if I smiled or no, but I’m sure I was in the parallel world.  My mood was in the “undefined” state, and what usually happens, with most of us, is we choose our music depending on  the mood, and we either dwell some more , go crazy, be happy or it is just a mission failed, and you throw that Ipod away.

However today, I decided that I want the music to determine my mood… and God that was a smart move.

Went into my car, put my music on shuffle and just drove, and here is what happened:

  • 2 random people smiled at me while i was leaving the building
  • It was 8:25 am, and I didn’t get caught in traffic (Go Figure!!)
  • and to make it even more beautiful, the music, my God the music was awesome !! I mean, it kicked of with Fayrouz (the rare songs), then Aziza Zadeh, back to Fayrouz and finally my sweet lady Ella… Can’t get any better.

One’s favorite moment of the day usually varies depending on what is suitable for the past days or past moods… but as far as I can remember those moments before I wake up are the most beautiful ones… the only time of the day where I really don’t want any relation what so ever with my memories or plans.

Music by ~Albiona

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You know you’re in love & acting like a douchebag– مغروم؟ بس بهيم؟؟

June 25, 2010 2 comments

من كم يوم ليليان كتبت عن إنو ايمتى بتكون مغروم بس عم تتصرف متل الحمار … هههه تعو ما نستعمل هيك ألفاظ … إنو عم تتصرف متل لما خرجو يكون مغروم…

كل شي كتبتو ليليان مظبوط ، مظبوط لئلا (يعني صفة شخصية)… أنا رح زيد على لقالتو ويمكن عيد صياغتو بشكل منل أشكال…

إنت مغروم وعم تتصرف متل البهيم 🙂 لما:

١- قدام العالم بتكون حدا غريب ، بس لأنو مفكر إنو العالم مفكرين إنو إنت الجغل …
٢- قدام حالك بالمواقف يلي إنت أكيد غلطان فيا… بيعلى صوتك… أو بنقط السم منك أو المنيكي أو لبدك سميا بس تما تقول بعتذر أو اه أنا غلطان…
٣- بتقرر تكون جبان أو بل أحرى تصير جبان وتبعد، وتتجاهل ويمكن تنقط سم أكتر لأنو هيدا الحدا لي بوجك قرر يوقف بوجك، ويهزك نتفي بركي بترجعلو (وهون قصدي بتبطل هيدا الحدا الغريب ) بس طبعاً بما إنو إنت عم تتصرف متل البهيم، رح تأذي أكتر.
٤- وأبشع شي لما تكون مغروم ، وتدعس على مشاعرك ومشاعر لبوجك لأنك مفكر إنو هني بشكلو نوع من الخطر أو عدم الإستقرار لصورتك الإجتماعية الملموسة والغير ملموسة…
٥- لما بتفكر إنو فيك تعمل لبدك ياه، و تضلك مفكر إنو فيك ترجع … وكل شي عادي وكول …

بعد في كتير ينقال… ويتخبر، بس من هلق لا وقتا إذا فيك تشد حالك وما تكون ” دراما كوين ” وعنجد تعرف تحب بتكون نتقلت من بهيم لمشروع إنسان وأنا بدوري بهنيك.


Moron by *LillHanna

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Lets Make the Streets our Public TimeLine

June 15, 2010 7 comments

I demand internet first and then lets have laws for it.

To make this post very short, activists, bloggers and people with common sense, are fighting against the passing of this law…

I  mean, it will be a cold day in hell, when i would need a damn permit to set up one of my many “virtual” spaces. As far as I know, Lebanon is not Syria, KSA or China…

To be a bit fair towards our dear government, I know they are a bit short on cash… I mean this might be one way to get them pockets full, or maybe it is not about the money, it is about the “monitoring” power; But on what basis ?

So, Dear Lebanese government, please start by providing decent internet (ping Emile Emile Lahoud jr), I mean how much bandwidth you need for your youtube, MSN and Miniclip? 

Bottom line, I would urge all of us out there to mobilize this campaign, and to take it out of the “virtual” space… I’m sure very few of those 128 cabinet members are following us on twitter (#stopthislaw), though to be honest Bachir Gmayel is indeed following me (#justsaying).


PS: to check  how good our connection is make sure you “read” Nadine Mouawad post

PPS: The ESSA law and VOIP law are two different laws, the latter is an already passed law, but not yet applied, and it prohibits “phone fraud”   (It doesn’t influence, Skype, Gtalk or  Yahoo).

However if the ESSA is to be passed, we will no longer have our freedom online, and we will be subject to arrests and violations of our “GOD GIVEN INTERNET RIGHTS”.

More about this from top Bloggers of Lebanon



SMEX Beirut

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Not as Lebanese as …

May 18, 2010 4 comments

It just hit me; being a law abiding, hard working, socially active person doesn’t make me as Lebanese as my 12 years old brother or my dead grandfather (may he Rest in Peace).

Alright then, how about WE (the “Not As Lebanese As…”) do something about it, and no we are not going to sign a petition, or call Kalam el Nass. How about shape our Lebanese rights and duties to how Lebanese we are.

Since legally a man is more Lebanese than I am, it is only fair for him to :

  • Pay more taxes  than I do
  • Pay more for the fuel tank than I do
  • Get paid more than I do (Oh wait, that is already happening but i assure you not because he is better than me)
  • Be held more responsible than I am

In the end that is what being a Lebanese apparently is all about.

My 12 years old brother is more Lebanese than me,  because one day if he decides to marry a less  Lebanese woman or a non Lebanese woman his kids would be Lebanese (or Less Lebanese than he is) .

But picture the injustice, if a less Lebanese citizen like myself, decided to marry a non Lebanese i don’t have the luxury to pass them my ‘Lebanese” nationality…

Samira Soueidan a woman who lost today in the Lebanese court, will not pass her nationality to her kids. We can’t blame the judiciary system, because as far as they are concerned they are following the law. The old rusty (أكل الدهر عليه وشرب) french- a la libanaise law, that is full of ambiguity, injustice and apparently resistant to time, change and maybe the ozone hole.

This law is our concern, and we should change it; Oh! but we can’t, I mean it is not up to me or you. It is up to  a special group of 128 people with very special powers, hidden talent and incredible cleverness  can (yes that was sarcasm).

However they are busy!!! yep, they are playing elections, corruption (most of them), Monopoly, mortal kombat or pac man (for the challenged ones :P). They can change the law, they can make me as Lebanese as my brother or as my dead grandfather… But till that day تلعبو بالكبه والأربعة (in what means, fcuk off, and go die)

What a historical event

May 16, 2010 4 comments

I really don’t get it!! Maybe it is just me, but how come a visit to the north which is as far as I know is a part of Lebanon, and also as far as I know it contains christian maronites in big numbers, is a hystorical event!?! So then when my father visit us every weekend in Beyrut because he lives in Akkar is as hystorical as this one.

I am from akkar and I know for a fact we are not Jounieh or Ashrafieh, it is a underdeveloped area. People mainly live of their agriculture… So we can say it is a fairly poor area, maybe not good enough for his holiness.
Some might say it is because of the syrian domination of Akkar that he didn’t previously visit it, he was afraid for his life, as if the lives of his church member is not as equal…
Well that is not acceptable… It is not acceptable how the main stream media is covering this event, a historical visit, historical indeed, because only history will show and reveal the irony, the injustice and the lies.
I am from akkar, and I’m not happy he is here after all those years, I am from Akkar and I despise this superiority of his and of everyone like him.

Again maybe it is just me, or me and some fool people like me, but I’m not ok with this, Akkar is not in Palestine, because if it was then ill be damned if it wasn’t called the visit of the century, but Akkar is 70 min by car away from Diman.
He is the patriarch of Antioch and Levant, not the patriarch of Jounieh and Ashrafieh.

Thank you, and ‘God’ bless
Ps: if ‘God’ were to visit us, I would be fine with calling it hystorical, but again it is just me.

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